I Became a Security Threat. How Was Your Weekend?

I won’t pretend that, after the whole United Airlines fiasco, I wasn’t anticipating using my own hellish travel experience for blog content. Flying is so notoriously horrible that documenting my suffering almost seemed like low-hanging fruit, which I guess would mean more if I actually thought myself above easy pickings. Sitting in the terminal across … More I Became a Security Threat. How Was Your Weekend?

The Awkward Person’s Guide to Making Conversation

Given the number of articles on how to sustain light conversation, talking to people seems like an overwhelmingly unpopular and occasionally excruciating custom that doesn’t come naturally to most. You’d think that if so many people hate small talk, we could just do away with the practice entirely, but apparently getting rid of things that … More The Awkward Person’s Guide to Making Conversation

Taking Anti-Action

A friend of mine joked yesterday that I only keep her around because she does enough stupid things for the both of us. People only have this misconception because I make an effort to a) exhaust my stupidity quota around strangers and b) be relatively private about said stupid actions, namely refraining from bringing all … More Taking Anti-Action

Growing Pains

I’ve always suspected that milestones—or at least the way we celebrate them—are a bit of a hoax. For me, dates that are supposed to mark major turning points in my life, such as my sweet sixteen or entropic eighteen (what, you didn’t celebrate your contribution to the inevitable heat death of the universe?) or high … More Growing Pains