Revenge of the Laptop

I’m regularly informed by the older people in my life that I’m obsessed with technology. What I want to know is why is technology so obsessed with me? I don’t necessarily mean in the whole privacy and tracking sense; I mean that electronic devices and I have a history. Specifically, the unhealthy relationship kind of … More Revenge of the Laptop

Flying While Not Rich

I suffer from a condition that strikes a few times a year. Symptoms range from stress-eating suspiciously packaged microwaveable dinners to hearing the echoes of anguished screams in purgatory to observing time lose all meaning. It’s called Flying While Not Rich. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Flying While Not Rich, … More Flying While Not Rich

How I Wasted 2017: Blog Highlight Reel

Because so many of my memories call for repression, I often have difficulty—especially in the year’s dying breaths—recalling anything significant I’ve done over the past twelve months. The ensuing highlight reel, I hope, will make recalling my significant accomplishments of 2017 less difficult by setting forth concrete evidence that they don’t exist. Have a look … More How I Wasted 2017: Blog Highlight Reel