Signs of the Time

I like to comment “it’s a sign” whenever remotely applicable to my situation, like when I trip on the way somewhere I don’t want to go or when the essay I’ve just printed slips onto the trash can. Attributing my own incompetence to a higher power’s interference is incredibly validating. Highly recommend. So while I … More Signs of the Time

A Broad Abroad

I’m so used to blogging about minor grievances that announcing anything significant seems off-putting. The news: in one week, I’ll be out of the country, doing some… Seoul searching. Some people found it disconcerting that I wasn’t more visibly excited about the prospect of studying abroad in Korea (beyond being inordinately pleased with myself for … More A Broad Abroad

Can the Pit Be the Pits

In resolving to put more energy into relationships this year, I now realize I should’ve specified what kind of relationships I meant—specifically not ones involving inanimate objects. I’m referring, of course, to the Pit, a giant excavation project outside my apartment window to which I’ve become rather disturbingly attached. The Pit’s existed in its gaping … More Can the Pit Be the Pits