The Guy In Our Attic

Hot take: I think entertainment shouldn’t make me want to die. I avoid horror movies like I do near-acquaintances in malls—when going to malls didn’t mean you were potentially sentencing others to immeasurable suffering… used to be only yourself—by practicing my belief that if I can’t see them, they can’t see me. Maybe I’d get … More The Guy In Our Attic

My 12 Defining Moments of 2018: Blog Highlights

You would think that, after an entire life’s worth of exchanging small talk, I would’ve learned that when you ask people “how was your weekend?,” they answer and then ask you it back. The expectation of my response catches me by surprise, every. Single. Time. As I dispatch my last two brain cells to recollect … More My 12 Defining Moments of 2018: Blog Highlights